Don Diablo

Kygo – Kids In Love (Don Diablo Remix)

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Every now and then the remix of a track simply beats the original version of it. Today we could possibly add another candidate to that list of brilliant remixes, as Don Diablo just released his reworked version of Kygo‘s 2017 hit ‘Kids In Love’ ft. The Night Game. Without wanting to devaluate the Norwegian’s amazing original version of the tune, which was the title track of his sophomore album, it’s safe to say that Don Diablo simply managed to take ‘Kids In Love’ to another level.

The Dutchman dropped a preview of the remix on his Twitter account only yesterday, a day prior to its release. Don Diablo, who is already on a high throughout all of the year so far, seamlessly blends in his signature future house sounds and synths, turning ‘Kids In Love’ into an absolute banger. The Night Game’s vocals remain in place, but Diablo high-pitched them in such a way that the track is now catchy and energetic right from the very first second.

Don Diablo also played the new remix last night on his own Hexagon radio show (episode 171), which immediately led to a string of positive reactions of his fanbase. The Dutchman, who has just finished his Better Future tour last month, will now travel on to Japan (EDC) and China (Creamfields) before playing EDC Las Vegas later this month and The Flying Dutch in his home country of the Netherlands on June 2nd.

Check out Don Diablo’s massive remix of ‘Kids In Love’ down below and let us know your thoughts on it!