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The king of tropical house

Kygo teases Sandro Cavazza collaboration

Home Uncategorized Kygo teases Sandro Cavazza collaboration

The king of tropical house is a pretty bold title, but Kygo is truly deserving of it. Pioneering the sound and bringing it to festivals around the world, as well as smashing the charts with tracks like ‘Firestone‘ amongst many others, the Norwegian is known worldwide for his sound. The prospect of new music from such an artist always creates a huge buzz, and now the producer has teased who he will work with next, with the end product guaranteed to be special.

Hinting on his latest Instagram post, Kygo has shown a picture of himself with Sandro Cavazza. Cavazza is responsible for the vocals on one of electronic music’s most loved tracks: ‘Without You‘. Of course the producer behind that track is the legendary Avicii, who Cavazza credited for kickstarting his career. The Swedish singer has featured on other Avicii tracks, with uncredited vocals on ‘Gonna Love Ya‘ and ‘Sunset Jesus‘, as well as having the superstar producer remix one of his tracks ‘So Much Better‘, which landed a spot on the last EP from the producer before his untimely death.


The upload from Kygo is extremely exciting for fans of the Norwegian. His blissful sounds – displayed in his recent track ‘Remind Me To Forget‘ – paired with Sandro Cavazza’s powerful vocals are certain to create a spectacular track. The consistency within both artists and their productions has made them widely known throughout the electronic music world, and deservedly so.

Now, with new music potentially on the horizon, the only questions surrounding the track concern the release date and the genre. Kygo’s exploration of different genres has been more prominent in his recent album ‘Kids In Love‘, which topped Billboard’s electronic album charts, so anything is on the table for the next release.

Listen back to the stunning vocals of Sandro Cavazza dropped on Avicii’s track ‘Without You‘:

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