Kygo's new track gets music video

Kygo’s new track ‘Remind Me To Forget’ gets official music video

Kygo. New music. Need you hear any more? Consistently delivering the finest tracks predominantly in tropical house but more recently crossing genre’s frequently, Norwegian maestro Kygo is yet again providing the goods with ‘Remind Me To Forget‘. The track – which combines both tropical and commercial sounds – is an emotional tale of a love that was not meant to last, which is illustrated both through the vocals of Miguel, and the official music video, which was recently uploaded. The American vocalist, who hails from Los Angeles, California, brings his soulful and powerful voice to an already moving instrumental. Alike previous productions, Kygo’s new track brings a story that captures listeners, and the new music video supports that entirely.

“It doesn’t matter where you are, you can keep my regret
‘Cause baby I got these scars, reminding me to forget”

The narrative of Miguel’s lyrics forms a music video unlike many seen before. Showing the vocalist singing during the video, what happens around him displays the impact of what is being said. The introduction of a blissful ballerina who passionately dances around the room amid explosions of glass among other destructive occurrences show how the former partner comes back and provides nothing but complexity. The continuation of the dancer’s presence leads to further unrest in the video, which reflects the vocals of the track. Even Kygo, who’s piano – on which he features during the video – somehow see’s its keys fire off into the air has had enough in the end, and walks out.

A powerful track with a deeper message is transmitted brilliantly through the new official music video, which see’s both producer and vocalist involved in the chaotic scene. Through all the flying piano keys and shattered windows, the video for ‘Remind Me To Forget’ further captures the story behind the track, creating a connection between the artist and the listener. The ‘Firestone‘ producer once again shows his incredible ability in this new track, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Watch the official music video for ‘Remind Me To Forget’:

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