Martin Garrix becomes the latest to be immortalized in wax

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There are plenty measure to success, a star on the walk of fame, a Grammy, Oscar or Tony, or simply just being modeled in wax. After some time, Martin Garrix becomes the latest DJ/producer to be immortalized in wax by Madame Tussauds’ Amsterdam outlet. The popular wax muesum that has locations worldwide including Las Vegas, Nashville, London, Orlando, New York and several more,  now make room for Garrix. Several other EDM megastars such as Tïesto, Steve Aoki (who resides in the Las Vegas hub), Hardwell, Afrojack and more have also risen to such hights they also have been forever immortalized in waxwork. The DJ even took to Twitter to show off his nearly identical wax twin.


Outside of sharing the stage with his wax statue, Garrix also shares that he’s been in the studio working through one of the biggest months in a while, per DJ Mag sources, the Dutch youngest says he’s been recording with rising pop sensation Khalid. Garrix touches on his involvement with Khalid in the studio saying,

“At the moment, I can announce that I have a new song with Khalid. He is a great singer. We will release it early June. I’m really excited about it.”

Garrix’ words are certainly not much to go on sure, but the youthful producer never holds out in regards to big tunes. In fact, although not solo tracks, Garrix has continued to stay steady in the spotlight with smash tracks such as his collabortation with David Guetta, ‘Like I Do‘ and his recent track with Dutch familiars Loopers, ‘Game Over‘.

With summer right around the corner and the announcment that his track with Khalid will be releaseing in early June, the hunt for new Garrix tunes and collaborations set to release before the Khalid track begins.