MuzikM4n – Living The Dream (feat. Chasing Lights)

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U.S. based producer MuzikM4n first began experimenting with electronic music in 2010 by combining different elements of club music with a unique mixture of various genres to develop his own signature sound. With his passionate drive, MuzikM4n continues working on and improving his craft in the studio, experimenting with catchy house pop music that not only evokes strong emotions but that will also stand the test of time. In his own words, he continues to “Make music that is relevant in an ever-changing music industry. I want to make timeless music that people will listen to for years and not just weeks.”

With a string of original releases already under his belt in 2018, he carries on this positive momentum with his latest single “Living The Dream” alongside Chasing Lights. The track is atmospheric and downtempo, yet has a distinctively uplifting feeling throughout. Combining subtle synths with acoustic elements throughout, MuzikM4n has blended some of the best components of commercially appealing dance music, typified by lush chord progressions, uplifting vocals, and a vibrant rhythm, to create a track that is sure to appeal to a broad and diverse array of listeners. And with Chasing Lights’ vocal performance also equaling the quality of the production, this is the perfect track to add to your summer playlists.

Check out the track in full below.