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I could be the one

Nicky Romero plays unreleased Avicii song at Kingsland Groningen

Less than a month ago, the world lost one of it’s brightest stars. When the news broke that Swedish dance music sensation Avicii had passed away, the world descended into mourning like never before. Avicii had been responsible for many hits including Wake Me Up, The Nights, Waiting for Love which was a collaboration with Dutch artist Martin Garrix and one of his most famous tracks ever released I Could Be The One with Nicky Romero.

Last weekend the Netherlands celebrated Koningsdag, the yearly festivity of their king’s birthday. Nicky Romero was a headliner at Kingsland Groningen, one of the many parties around the country. While on stage, Romero gave an emotional speech about Avicii stating that he was invited by Dutch TV show RTL Late Night to talk about Avicii. The Dutchman revealed that Avicii had sent him a folder of unreleased music prior to his tragic passing, then Romero stunned fans by playing the final finished version of one of Avicii’s most sought-after ID’s Heaven featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay on vocals. Romero acknowledged the song might not see the light of day due to Avicii’s passing but he had to play the song to his fans as a tribute because he believed it was one of the most marvelous songs Avicii has ever written.

Check out the song being played at Kingsland Groningen below and let us know what you think of the track.