Paul Kalkbrenner – Part Six

Paul Kalkbrenner stands out as one of the industries most influencial artists, with a knack for producing technical, yet melodious compositions that often crush the boundaries of contemporary house music. Known for his detailed layers of sound and uplifting musical structure, Paul Kalkbrenner is a prominent artist in this genre, having cultivated his own complex style, categorized by deep builds, enthralling chord progressions, and infectious contrasts of bass and rhythm. 

After announcing his eighth studio album titled ‘Parts Of Life‘ set to be released on May 18th, which comes almost a decade after his double platinum awarded LP Berlin Calling, the German mastermind has just released the third track of his upcoming album under the title “Part Six”. Previously releasing “Part Eight” and “Part Three“, each single is titled with the working file number used during the production process, making it simultaneously one of the purest and revealing works of Paul Kalkbrenner.

“Part Six” is another clear testament to his colorful and vibrant yet refined style. With hypnotic vocals, the track is an enticing mix of progressive builds and uplifting tech drops. Eminenlty captivating, “Part Six” combines a healthy dose of Paul Kalkbrenner’s dancefloor expertise with the power and drive of his timeless dance music visions. His forte is his instant recognizability through each piece he produces. His latest experimentation, which chronicles the arrival of techno in Berlin in the lat 80s, makes for a pleasant surprise that shows his growth as an artist. With his latest, Paul Kalkbrenner shows his attention to detail and inclination for perfection as “Part Six” shows fans what’s still in store for ‘Parts Of Life’.

Comprised of music and sarcasm. Based in Amsterdam

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