Pendulum releases third track of newest album: Tarantula (Icarus Remix)

The third track of Pendulum‘s newest album ‘The Reworks’ is here. As the name already says, the forthcoming album is not going to be full of new Pendulum tracks but instead full of remixes of tracks from the Australian group, created by many renowned artists. The names of remixers include SkrillexMoby, and DJ Seinfeld. 2/5 of Pendulum itself, Knife Party, is also going to appear on the album. Today, the Icarus remix of ‘Tarantula’ was released and it is no surprise that it sounds drastically different from the original mix.

Originally released on Pendulum’s first album ‘Hold Your Colour’ all the way back in 2007, ‘Tarantula’ has the classic Drum ‘n’ Bass sound so many people love. The Icarus remix, however, consists of minimalistic and chill synthesizers as well as typical House vibes. The name ‘The Reworks’ is definitely suitable, because the Icarus remix could as well be a completely different song if you compare it to the original mix of Pendulum. The duo from Bristol, England, has definitely put together a state-of-the-art remix, featuring their own style and just the right amount of original ingredients in it. The release of ‘The Reworks’ will be on the 29th of June, after 7 years without a new Pendulum album. With the quality of the three remix already released on such a high level, we can expect one of the best Pendulum albums ever – even without any new tracks on it!

A DJ set of the Australian-British band is always a special and rare occasion, so if you get the chance to witness the legendary group this summer, you definitely don’t want to miss it! Speaking of appearances of Pendulum over the course of the summer, the group will make their Tomorrowland debut this year, ready to play both old classics as well as the newly done remixes from the upcoming album. Check out the Icarus remix of ‘Tarantula’ below!