Porter Robinson drops version 2 of Virtual Self’s ‘Ghost Voices’

Fresh off the back of EDC 2018, you’re probably trying to catch up with all the huge sets and new tracks. A guy that had both of those is Porter Robinson AKA Virtual Self, who performed on Day 1 of the Las Vegas event. Playing on the EDC Circuit Grounds stage, Porter’s monumental set was compiled of Virtual Self material, trance classics, and the display of his ‘technic_angel‘ persona. The most notable feature of technic_angel was the premiere of the ‘Virtual Self technic_angel Remix‘ of Porter’s hit ‘Ghost Voices‘.

The track was unveiled by technic_angel, who said:

“Do you know who I am? I am called technic_angel. Do you know the song ‘Ghost Voices‘? I have created a new version. Let’s experience the music”

The robotic female voice of technic_angel provides the perfect suspense to the new version of ‘Ghost Voices‘, which has a must higher speed than the original, and follows more of a hardcore format before the drop itself. With Porter’s expert work combining the original vocal with a cluster of synths and incredible sounds, the new version builds up spectacularly towards the drop. The drop itself has a kick every two beats opposed to every beat, hence the speed of the track does feel slightly lost in comparison to the rest of the track. However, this version is designed to be completely different from the original, and Porter shows his unique production ability even more prominently in the way he explores sounds.

After already dropping the original version 5 minutes in, as well as the Raito remix, having the ability to pull of the same track with another version is extremely difficult in the same set, as if the track has already been played the impact is often lost on the second occasion. However, with this fresh new version hitting the set hard, Porter has proven his ability once more, and reminds the electronic music world why he is one of the most creative, innovative, and all round incredible producers.

Listen to the full set via 1001 Tracklists, and check out the new track here:


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