Premiere: Pete Dash, Rayven & Valexx – Deeper

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Marking the 26th release for Staar Traxx, groove house heavyweights Pete Dash and Rayven & Valexx team up to deliver some dance floor thunder. Their collaboration titled “Deeper” comes straight from the minds of two acts working to push the genre further and further. Having caught the ears of dance mavericks including Bob Sinclair who played the record live during his time in Ibiza last week, “Deeper” will surely make the rounds around those at the top.

Rayven & Valexx are hot of the heels of their release “Want To Do” which was released on Armada Music back in March. This is the first time the duo have made an appearance on Staar’s imprint. Pete Dash is making his sophomore appearance on the label for the second time in 2018 coming off the sunset beauty titled “Burning Sun” he made with Nico De Andrea. “Deeper” is a more clubbier track that features tumultuous bass lines and phat beats. The last time Staar Traxx broke into the limelight was with David Pietras’s & SOVTH’s progressive gem titled “Get Away“.

Staar Traxx have been consistently shaking things up in the past few months, bringing in all-star artists and super fresh music. The label shows no signs of slowing down and with festival season right around the corner, there couldn’t be a more opportune time for “Deeper” to land. Wanting to gain a little insight regarding the details of the record, we reached out to Dash who gave us an inside look on how the record came together.

How did this collaboration fall into place? Did you guys have time to work in the studio together or was this patched up while on the road?

Valerio, Ruben and I had been in touch for quite some time but only met for the first time last year during ADE – ran into them on my bike nearly everyday (it’s hard to miss those two Italians in Amsterdam). The idea for the track took a bit longer though. We worked music over the past months on and off, but it wasn’t until Rayven & Valexx send me a first draft that things picked up. Unfortunately we never got to work in the same studio on it, but voice memo’s and video’s do a whole lot – they actually sent me one last night dancing to Deeper with Bob Sinclar in Ibiza! Ultimately once we had a final version I sent it directly to Tom who was extremely excited to work it for Staar Traxx.

Can you describe the creative process? Did you have a roadmap for the track planned out before heading to the studio?

It’s hard to say if there is any roadmap I take towards my music unless you’re referring to Tigers Milk, which was made as an intro to use during my sets. Regarding “Deeper”, it’s been really a dance of going back and forth with the project between me and the boys eventually amounting to the current version.

“Deeper” courtesy of Pete Dash and Rayven & Valexx is perfect for those late night symposiums that you never want to end. With support from Tom Staar, Bob Sinclair, and many others, you can count on Dash and Rayven & Valexx to bring the heat. From start to finish the track contains a strong rhythm as well as smooth and sexy hits that keep the energy going throughout.

See for yourself! Wrap your ears around the latest Staar Traxx release “Deeper” below.