project north

Project North – Think Twice (ft. Darrick Atwater & Ja-P)

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Project North may not be a name that many dance music fans will immediately recognise, but the duo have just released their debut single “Think Twice” – and it’s about as powerful and innovative as they come. Consisting of Josh Brust & Jeroen Dekker, the pair have been behind a number of monster releases in the past, having signed records to some of the world’s most revered labels. Previously known as DAMSTERAM & JRND, they produced hits such as “On My Mind” and “Whiskey ‘n’ Bass”, as well as a breakthrough EP released on Spinnin’. Their latest venture sees them deliver a more commercially-friendly sound, yet still maintain a raw, hard-hitting edge.

Dubbed as ‘acoustic bass’ by the artists themselves, Project North are showcasing their musical agenda right from the first release. With a laid back start to the track, the tempo is quickly complimented by an emotive vocal delivery from US based vocalist Darrick Atwater, and as the intensity builds, rapper Ja-P lays down a powerful, groove-filled topline that collectively set’s “Think Twice” up to light up radio airwaves worldwide in the weeks ahead. When the track reaches its climax, we are treated to an onslaught of heavy bass synths and a trap-inspired rhythmic groove.

Overall, this is an emphatic opening single from this talented pair, cementing Project North as a duo to keep a keen eye out for in the near future. Check out the track in full below.