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North American producers Quackson & KRILLA have come together to deliver a filthy electro house anthem, ‘Psychosis‘. With Quackson (a.k.a Jackson Wells) hailing from Seattle, and KRILLA originating from Canada, the two have crossed the border, to deliver a track that crosses the lines between electro house and dubstep.

The track opens up with an intense atmosphere, using horns and percussion elements to create a soundtrack that could be used that in a Hollywood bank heist movie.

The track wastes no time in making the transition to the drop. A seamless transition, the drop is backed by a heavy 4/4 kick, a vast array of distorted lead synths and resounding bass; to which all the elements combine immaculately. While the break follows a similar pattern to that of the track’s opening, Quackson & KRILLA change things up as the second drop opens up with an unorthodox drum pattern. A very well produced track, the duo manage to give each element its own space in the mix, without causing congestion.

Listen to Quackson & KRILLA’s latest monster tune below!