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Relive Martin Garrix’s astounding EDC 2018 set

EDC 2018 has ended but the hype certainly hasn’t. Its that time where everyone scrolls down 1000 Tracklist’s looking for new tracks being dropped in major sets, fresh mashups, and all round quality sets. The modern tradition of doing so wouldn’t be the same without checking out Martin Garrix‘s EDC set, and it was as good as you could possibly imagine.

Though a typical Garrix set is packed with ID’s, the recent revelations surrounding track thieves, who have targeted the likes of Garrix and Avicii, meant that a minimum amount of ID’s were dropped in the Dutchman’s set. One new track played in the set features¬†Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic, and was played towards the end of the set topped with Avicii’s ‘Waiting For Love‘ vocal. The track has the unique Garrix sound as always, whilst the genre is a crossover of his previous house styles, as explored in collaborations with Brooks, and elements from his ‘Forbidden Voices‘-style tracks. The release is likely to come on Martin Garrix’s STMPD Records, with speculation around the track coming via a teaser for an upcoming track on the pages’ social media.

As for the rest of his set, Garrix combined his own bangers from years gone by, combined with some of the hottest tracks around now. Tracks like ‘Virus‘ and ‘Gold Skies‘ brought back the years, whilst ‘Scared To Be Lonely‘ and ‘So Far Away‘ brings the set back to 2018. Dropping hot new tracks such as RetroVision‘s ‘Get Down‘, TV Noise‘s ‘808‘, and Magnificence‘s ‘Cobra‘ mixed in well amongst his personal edits and mashups to provide one of EDC’s finest sets. The Dutch producer has faced criticism for his mixing quality in previous years, however as the young ‘Animals’ creator has developed into a main stage phenomenon, his standard has been raised and is on point in this set.

You can catch an hour of Martin Garrix’s 90-minute EDC 2018 set here.

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