Report: Avicii’s brother arrived in Oman hours after his death

As more details surface over Avicii’s death, speculation has begun to swirl around the “what ifs” as a new report suggests, that Avicii’s brother had arrived in Oman to bring the Swedish star home just hours after his death. In a People interview, an unidentified source exclaims Tim’s family, “spoke to him on the phone earlier that week and got very worried about his mental state.” The source continued, “His brother flew to Oman to bring him home and arrived only a couple hours too late.”

Keeping up with hard to swallow details on Avicii’s passing has been absolutely shocking. His documentary Avicii: True Stories cataloged the DJ’s thoughts, mistreatment and looking back was an uncomfortable warning sign to many. To directly quote Tim from True Stories, he says,

“I have told them this: I won’t be able to play anymore…I have said, like, I’m going to die, I have said it so many times. And so I don’t want to hear that I should entertain the thought of doing another gig.”

Of course, Tim was addressing his haste and discomfort with his touring schedule, which did eventually lead to his slowed touring regimen. Nonetheless, his then statement serves as a large pointer and a direct warning sign to the DJ’s anxiety and eventual depression leading to taking his own life.

Regardless, to the general public who only knew Avicii from his hits and discography, with the recent details surfacing regarding Tim and his life, the life he lived certainly seemed as close doored as it could get for a dance music superstar. Especially with more recent news surrounding the DJ’s secret girlfriend who came out with a shocked and heartfelt letter to Tim after his passing. However, a superstar just like any other individual has to have their privacy to keep progressing day to day, and it just seems as if Tim were in all the privacy when he needed attention and the attention came when it was too late.