Rezz announces her sophomore album is offically complete

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Breaking 2017 artist Rezz, has just announced her sophomore album has officially been completed. The genre-defying artist released her debut album ‘Mass Manipulation‘ via Deadmau5’s Mau5trap imprint roughly 9 months ago. Rezz is always set to surprise with a song in the drop of a dime even if her last original release hasn’t been since her album. Regardless, she’s proven at any moment, she can come out of nowhere and release a track with one of the quickest turn-around times in the industry currently – so the announcement of her album while exciting certainly isn’t surprising aside from the timing.


Only a year out from her previous album, Rezz continues to break the standard of electronic artists by releasing some of her best work in an album format. Until 2018, the concept of a full electronic album was rather taboo to the average artist. It’s something that only the megastars have been able to pull off, and something nearly impossible for smaller artists to achieve. However, since her rise to stardom and even before Rezz has challenged the status quo of the electronic music world and that is something to be recognized and respected.

Turning to what we know about the album, whether you knew or not, Rezz has actually debuted some new tracks that we could possibly see on the album, unsurprisingly, debuted at Ultra Music Festival and WobbleLand. The first tune is a collaboration with 1788-L. To sum up, what we know, the track is a gritty bass ridden goliath of a tune, one that will certainly turn heads if included on the album. The second, a work with frequent collaborator 13, another eerily echoing bass-heavy tune. Although the second is much slower in tempo, it is still very much a Rezz production to the core.