Steve Angello

Steve Angello hints at new direction for his label SIZE Records

Having just enjoyed the successful release of his artist album HUMAN , legendary artist Steve Angello exhibits no sign of stopping. The album has been widely received as unique and euphoric as it exhibits Steve’s journey as an artist and explores a side of his skills that were showcased at the forefront of every track.

Following this release, Steve has teased that his record label SIZE Records will be heading in a new direction of music. The legendary label has been home to some very unique releases and some fabled tunes over the years but in recent times has been less active with putting material out into the world.


SIZE is already considered one of the best labels in the industry and one of the highest rated of quality, thus the teaser that Steve posted has sent his followers into a spree of guessing on what the future of the label will be. Only time will tell what is going through Steve’s creative mind and what direction his imprint will be heading in. Let us know in the comment section what you think will happen.