Steve Angello

Steve Angello’s emotional ‘Children Of The Wild’ turns 3 years old

After all the massive hype around Swedish House Mafia’s comeback this year, including a probable gig in New York in 2019, you can easily forget that all three members of SHM are also amazing in producing solo tracks. Axwell’s ‘In My Mind’ and Sebastian Ingrosso’s ‘Reload’ are perfect examples for that. One of Steve Angello’s most renowned tracks ‘Children Of The Wild’  turns 3 years old today!

After the massive success of Steve’s collab with fellow Swedes Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman ‘Payback’, which still featured that typical and beloved Swedish House Mafia vibe, ‘Children Of The Wild’ went in a different direction. The used synthesizers are significantly different and more rough in comparison to the typical Swedish House Mafia ones. Given the fact that the track was released over 3 years after the trio’s final show (or not) at Ultra Music Festival in Miami in 2013, this fact is no surprise. Especially because it was Angello who slowly felt “bored” of producing the same type of music over and over again. ‘Children Of The Wild’ is a perfect example of Steve Angello’s emancipation of his own signature sound. The amazing vocals of US-American singer Mako plus the stunning addition of a children’s choir still gives us goosebumps. The lyrics also serve as a motivation for everyone to be brave and to fight for your dreams without letting fear distract you.

The trend of having a unique sound that has nothing to do with the old SHM one anymore continued for Steve Angello. While Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso continued to play Swedish House Mafia classics in both their solo and Axwell ^ Ingrosso sets, Angello drifted away from it completely in his solo sets. However, it is going to be interesting to see whether this is going to change after the trio’s reunion.

For now, listen to Steve Angello’s hit track ‘Children Of The Wild’ below!