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Steve Aoki, Lil Yachty & AJR – Pretender

Soon after American rap sensation Lil Yachty tweeted out that he wants to make “a big EDM song and perform it at one of those festivals”, he has released just that in collaboration with Steve Aoki and AJR. Though the tweet caused deadmau5 to give his two cents on the topic, sparking some controversy on Twitter, this does not take away from how well this track was crafted.

‘Pretender’ is an infectious dance-pop crossover with all the trappings of a radio-friendly summer favourite, and it does definitely bring Lil Yachty into the dance music scene, opening the door for more in the future. Lil Yachty’s influence on this track is unquestionable and gives the impression that this is more than a simple commercial track but something more meaningful; he raps about his experiences with insecurities in high school and the present day as well. He knows who he is, but he still tries to be as cool as the next rapper, covering himself in icy chains and smiling in pictures just to throw people off the trail of confusion he still walks.

Steve Aoki has had a formidable start to 2018, releasing a number of successful tracks including his banging collaboration with legendary DJ and producer Laidback Luke ‘It’s Time’ featuring Bruce Buffer and a UFC-themed music video, successfully following up on their anthem ‘Turbulence’ together with Lil Jon back in 2011. Aoki has also collaborated with Vini Vici on ‘Moshi Moshi‘, a unique track featuring elements from psytrance and Kawai styles as well as a guest appearance from Mama Aoki.

American indie pop band AJR have also been on a tremendous rise, consistently releasing music which has risen up the charts like ‘Weak’, ‘Sober Up’ and ‘I’m Ready’. The fusion of these diverse artists has produced a truly unique and catchy tune we can expect to hear many times both at festivals and on the radio throughout the summer.

You can stream ‘Pretender’ on Spotify below and add it to your playlists.

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