Steve Void & Big Z – Because Of You (ft. Bri Tolani)

Dutch house master Steve Void has just unleashed his brand new track “Because Of You” in collaboration with upcoming producer Big Z, where lighthearted production juxtaposes attention-grabbing lyrics from vocalist Bri Tolani. Out now on his very own Strange Fruits imprint, “Because Of You” is the perfect summertime tune to belt out and forget about everyday duties. With playful synths and an easy-listening vibe, both producers have put up a tune that represents their aesthetic in distinctive manner. 

Introduced with Tolani’s on-point vocals, the track quickly evolves into an uplifting melodic house tune before transforming into a rhythmic Dancefloor weapon. Carried by majestic riffs and tight bassline flurries, “Because Of You” is a divine feel-good hybrid that requires a healthy measure of dance floor elbow room. Due to the masterful execution of this production, Steve Void and Big Z manage to keep listeners on the edge of their seats throughout the course of the whole piece, which makes the payoff from their songs’ eventual climax exponentially more satisfying.

Sure to make the grade above all on playlists all around the world, this track is available as free download. While still fresh, it wouldn’t surprise if “Because Of You” would be heard throughout the entire summer season. Cutting ahead of their handful of accomplished singles to date, “Because Of You” raises the bar for Steve Void and Big Z’s polished sound to take centre stage come 2018. 


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