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Techno soars as Beatport’s best-selling genre

In honor of the groundbreaking introduction of “Hype Charts”, Beatport also released the best-selling genre chart which crowns techno as the most popular genre in terms of sales. For the second year in a row, techno is ahead of the other popular genres like tech house and house music, which came in second and third place respectively. They are followed by deep house, drum ‘n’ bass, electronica, melodic house and techno, trance, progressive house and indie dance. These come after the recently released figures in the IMS Business Report. 

It seems as if Beatport has really taken 2018 by storm, as they have been introducing new concepts to revamp the platform and give space for DJs to shine. In 2017, the profits have almost doubled, while in 2018 track sale’s revenue has already grown 7%, and music destinations such as U.K., Germany, and North America, all witnessed a strong boost in sales of recorded music. While this is already great news for platform users and sellers, the biggest announcement of this year is hands down the addition of the new Hype Charts. This new feature will be focused on helping smaller independent labels, in order to make it easier to identify unique and upcoming talents from all over the world. This new section of the platform is thought to be dropping sometime in June. This is amazing news for the independent labels since 96% of Beatport’s music sales is made up of independent music, which means that the Beatport is adding approximately 25,000 new releases each week.

Terry Weerasinghe, Beatport’s Chief Product Officer shared that this new feature will give “top billing to those shining gems that may have previously gone under the radar” and will help“encourage the DJ community to dig deeper in the store.”

On top of all these, Beatport will introduce the possibility for users to stream the complete virtual catalog directly to DJ software. However, DJs will have to patiently wait for this one, as this new technology is expected to be dropping sometime in 2019.