Steve Angello

Steve Angello denounces modern day rappers on social media

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It’s incredible how you let something so wrong influence today’s youth“. Earlier this week, Steve Angello turned to Instagram to offer his opinion regarding the current mentality rappers equip themselves with when making music. Angello hasn’t always been a dance music superstar – his early music endeavors involved exploring hip-hop and early rap music.

As most fans know, music is something Angello holds very dear. His recent album “Human reflects his deeply embedded commitment to quality music. Clearly something that’s been on his mind, Angello delivered a powerful message. Based on his thoughtful post he believes that today’s new wave of rappers are disconnected from society in the content they sing about, and what they promote as artists. In short, he is not pleased with how they project onto society’s youth.

Like anything, there will always be the good and the bad but here we see Angello narrowing his sights in on what’s wrong with rap music, and calling to action the need for correction. As a kid growing up, Steve expressed how early rap artists came from the streets to do good and ended up being successful. The problem he sees now is that rappers are promoting shameful morals, ethics, and values such as glorifying violence and drug use.

Do you think Angello has hit the nail on the head? What are your thoughts?

Steve Angello