The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers debut diverse remix package for ‘Somebody’

After an impressively received Sick Boy‘ EP, The Chainsmokers are continuing to push their musical influences. Despite a relatively imminent change of genre towards pop, the duo have debuted one of their most diverse remix packages for their lead off track on the ‘Sick Boy‘ EP, ‘Somebody‘.

The package includes remixes from artists, Riggi & Piros, T-Mass, Naderi, Fluencee, Sippy, and Ruhde. The differences in each remix are glaring as each remix bounces from one end of the electronic genre spectrum to the other, with trance, house, trap, future/chill, and everything in between all included. Regardless of the initial thought of The Chainsmokers in the electronic music realm, whether they are liked or not, the duo certainly know how to push and mold new and expansive sounds in the electronic/dance realm.

While Riggi & Piros turn the pop tune into a full blown rave track, others like Fluencee and Ruhde use the tracks pop ambiance to keep the song within the chiller/future type realm. The glitchy synth’s and overriding chord progression the two use make up a major role in both Fluencee and Ruhde’s individual renditions. The most unexpected out of the bunch are more than likely centered around Sippy and T-Mass who flip the tune into both bass and house masterpieces respectively.

To find your favorite remix check out The Chainsmokers ‘Somebody‘ remixes below: