The Glitch Mob – See Without Eyes (Album Review)

It took them quite a while, but 4 years after their sophomore album ‘Love Death Immortality’, The Glitch Mob are back with their eagerly awaited third studio album called ‘See Without Eyes’. The Los Angeles-based electro group, comprised of Boreta (Jason Boreta), edIT (Edward Ma) and Ooah (Joshua Mayer) is known for their innovative productions and dazzling live performances that are a must-see to capture the full Glitch Mob experience. Besides the new album release, The Glitch Mob are also about to kick off their massive 38-stop tour of the globe, during which they will introduce their redesigned ‘The Blade 2.0’ stage.

At first listen, ‘See Without Eyes’ seems to perfectly combine the trio’s signature synths and bass-driven sound with a series of ambient, downtempo tunes. Quite interesting and refreshing compared to its predecessor ‘Love Death Immortality’, which mainly included high-energy bangers, and was also a lot less psychedelic when it comes to the accompanying visuals and videos. ‘See Without Eyes’ surely kicks off on that same note with the album’s opening track ‘Enter Formless’ ft. Rituals of Mine, a track full of experimental sounds and electrifying synths. ‘Disintegrate Slowly’ and ‘Come Closer’ also portray similar experimental styles, combined with stomping beats, heavy kick drums and driving basslines that really stick with you.

Prior to the album release, The Glitch Mob already released a number of the vocal tracks, such as ‘How Could This Be Wrong’ ft. Tula, ‘Take Me With You’ ft. Arama, and – more recently – ‘I Could Be Anything’ ft. Elohim. Even though the downtempo and instrumental alternating tunes in between are greatly relaxing, its vocal tracks like these that really define the album. Another perfect example of that is the previously unreleased ‘How Do I Get To Invincible’ ft. Ambré, which is an absolute gem and one of the highlights of ‘See Without Eyes’.

Altogether ‘See Without Eyes’ surely tells an interesting story, as darker tunes seem to fuel the lighter ones and ambient, downtempo tunes allow for a nice break before the trio kicks things into gear again for the next chapter. At the very end, ‘Way Out Is In’ serves as the perfect chillout outro to the album, but the tune is somewhat of a surprise, as it wasn’t initially mentioned on the album’s tracklist.

The Glitch Mob’s tour takes them mainly though the US and Canada, but European fans can catch them at Romania’s Untold Festival in August as well. Stream ‘See Without Eyes’ down below via Spotify and check out The Glitch Mob’s current touring schedule right here.