Tim Mason debuts new progressive trance beauty ‘Sonar’

Brighton man Tim Mason is certainly becoming a notable name in the progressive trance genre. The UK resident has made his anticipated return to label Anjunabeats to debut his new progressive trance beauty ‘Sonar‘. The track follows up Tim’s previous releases with his signature difference in sound. The DJ’s work even funnels back to 2016 when the genius producer brought a new feel to the tune, incorporating new tones, chords, and rhythmic structure in anticipation to the tracks build. The smooth gliding chord work, airy synth lines and driving bass through to the drop create an incredibly euphoric atmosphere atypical from that of a traditional trance genre.

Known more for his pressing style and different take on trance, Tim Mason has proven with his past few releases he is coming to take over and embed a new style into the world of trance. In fact, prior to this release, Tim released once more on Anjunabeats at the tail end of 2017 with his track ‘Aalto‘. The track remains quite similar to ‘Sonar‘ in the respect that both incorporate driving bass and percussive lines. Just like ‘Aalto’, Sonar‘ uses plenty of darker synths to seemingly make the main melodic line pop – and boy do they do their job.

Once the track drops, the melodic lines and booming coupling of the kick and bass patterns can’t stop you from moving along with the track. In fact, Anjunabeats seems to have a certain infatuation with Tim Mason, as he was also just recently following his release of ‘Sonar’ recruited for the label’s signature “Worldwide” radio show.

However, while the thumping basslines and distinct sound of the surrounding synths all point to both tracks staying true to its trance roots, the individual tracking, and elements within each track are what make it them masterpieces.

Listen to ‘Sonar‘ below via Spotify