W&W reveal unique music video for their newest track ‘Long Way Down’

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In nowadays music world, it is important to be special and unique. This, of course, applies to the music itself, but also to music videos for a specific track. Putting out a nicely done video is a crucial part of the success of a song. And when it comes to making these kinds of outstanding music videos, two guys from Holland definitely know how to do it. Of course, we are talking about Willem and Ward, better known as W&W. Their newest release ‘Long Way Down’ together with UK-based producer Darren Styles and singer Giin came out together with an amazing animated music video.

Just like the music video for ‘Arcade’ with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, the newest music video of W&W does not feature the ‘real’ Willem and Ward, but again an animated form of the two Bigroom producers. Together with Darren Styles and Giin the two Dutch are dressed up as Power Ranger-like heroes, ready to fight an evil villain. If you would not know it, one could believe this is an actual TV-Show straight from Japan from the 90s. If you were into animes like Dragonball, Sailor Moon, or, you guessed it, Power Rangers the music video for ‘Long Way Down’ will give you flashback to the glorious time of sitting in front of the TV watching animes all day. The track itself is just like you expect if from W&W: Super catchy, energetic and ready to rock mainstages around the world. The combination with Darren Styles’ hard dance sound makes this track unique and special.  In order to prepare you to sing along with the amazing vocals by Giin, the music video even features the lyrics – both in English and Japanese.

W&W is one of these impressive artists who seem to be able to do it all. Other than there signature massive mainstage Bigroom sound, they also continue to shine in Trance with their NWYR alias. ‘Long Way Down’ will be played at festivals and clubs around the globe. Prepare yourself for an epic summer with the epic music video of W&W’s newest masterpiece below!