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Dutch producers Yellow Claw have sent

Yellow Claw announce brand new album ‘New Blood’

Home Uncategorized Yellow Claw announce brand new album ‘New Blood’

Dutch producers Yellow Claw have sent fans into a frenzy worldwide with the announcement of their new album ‘New Blood‘, set to arrive June 22nd. The duo have cited the album as a blend of culture in music. Between Yellow Claw’s intense touring regimen and Barong Family‘s recent exploration of the several different genres and tastes, the pair has come to mutually cite their inspiration from foreign cultures to have driven this project.

“We have traveled increasingly more and met so many new [and] interesting people. This album will show a level of differentiation and variation more than ever, a true globalization.”

There have even been hints that Yellow Claw will be joined by Chinese DJ/producer Chace, and New Jersey native topliner, STORi on the album. With artists hinted from both sides of the world eastern and western respectively, that certainly represents two drastically different cultures and stories to be told through music.

The duo has a certain fixation for the impact of a cultures unique sound. It’s a tad reminiscent – if you remember it was Yellow Claw’s staple sound, Amsterdam trap music, that brought the then-trio including ex-Yellow Claw member Bizzey, to the limelight. Taking a look forward to the album announcement for ‘New Blood’ and the duo’s statement regarding their cultural influences – maybe Yellow Claw is on a mission in search for the next genre just like Amsterdam trap which inspired to produce. Or maybe, the duo just love exploring the world and appreciating its many cultures and diversity, either way, Yellow Claw certainly seems primed and ready to fully deliver with ‘New Blood’.

As Jim and Nizzle continue their festival and premier nightclub circuit make sure you’re keeping your ears open for those ID’s as they are almost certain to be sneak peaks into the albums discography.

View Barong Family’s announcement via Twitter below.


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