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Big Pineapple – Another Chance (Don Diablo Edit)

Don Diablo never fails to deliver something great and his edit of Big Pineapple’sAnother Chance‘ is a great example. The mystery artist who’s currently shrouded alongside major discussions of potentially being a Don Diablo alter ego certainly gives off another glaring hint that maybe it is Don Diablo behind the strings, with the Don Diablo edit make its debut before the original release of ‘Another Chance‘. No matter, it’s the signature sound of our fruity friend that would get us one step closer to narrowing the telling tale of our mystery artists identity.

At the end of the day, no matter if Big Pineapple is the dutch producers alter ego, Don Diablo smashes this gorgeous edit. The tunes relaxed and mellow piano breaks paired along side the soothing top-line and Don Diablo signatures – including his catchy vocal chops and gripping bass lines almost certainly do the original for ‘Another Chance‘ absolutely justice. The tune certainly seems to have stayed almost exactly in tact with little to no auditory changes from the leaked clip of the tune from a few years back. Regardless, it’s the tunes progress to this point that is the most impressive journey, especially dating the previous leak back to 2016, where Big Pineapple was almost certainly non-existent.

The dance music phenom also announced via Twitter the two will be working on a music video for the release. Hopefully more details surface regarding where and when we can expect the video for the head-bobbing tune.

While we’re all still searching for more information on our mystery artist Big Pineapple, stay tuned for more breaking info on the artists identity. In the meantime, check out Don Diablo’s edit of Big Pineapple’s, ‘Another Chance‘ below: