Don Diablo set to release edit of Big Pineapple’s ‘Another Chance’

Behind the mystery identity of Big Pineapple lies a huge track, ‘Another Chance‘, which is soon going to be picking up a huge Don Diablo edit at the end of the month. There’s major speculation behind who Big Pineapple is exactly, and the larger consensus is that it’s Don Diablo’s brand new alter ego, in fact take a look at this tweet from 2017.

It may be a stretch, but Don Diablo in Chinese, according to the man himself after a show at Chinese club M2, literally translates with no error to “Big Pineapple”, it may just be a larger coincidence but the dots certainly connect.

Regardless, we’re here to discuss the edit and whether it is Don Diablo who’s ultimately behind the keys, the track is smooth, groovy and possessses that staple Don Diablo sound, almost all but assuring the edit to be a summer smash. The tune, which has been laying in wait as a functional ID since late 2016, has surfaced on multiple occasions at Don Diablo shows.

The video below shows the edit’s origins, and while a year and a half has gone by since the show at Avalon Hollywood, the tune sounds all but the same. Albeit, a tune that’s been kept for that long is sure to have some minor tweaks and changes, but the overall sound quality and design of the song has stayed intact, adding even more fuel to the fire that the Big Pineapple persona may in fact be club king Don Diablo himself. The upbeat summery tune is expected to debut on a June 29th via Warner Music, and although there’s been no recently confirmed leak, check out the 2016 playout of Don Diablo’s edit of the Big Pineapple track at Avalon Hollywood below.

Take a look at the cover artwork below.

Big Pineapple