Ghetto Falsetto

Bruno Belissimo – Ghetto Falsetto

Today it’s time to take a dive into the world of disco/house, with ‘Ghetto Falsetto’, the latest album from Italian DJ/Producer and multi-instrumentalist Bruno Belissimo. This album emerges from the experiences of the last two years, which took the artist to perform in more than 100 live shows, and allowed his vision to expand and his sound to evolve naturally into a fresh reinterpretation of old-school disco with a modern house twist.

The artist’s goal with this new innovative project was to give a definition of the dualism between reality and fiction, commonplace and innovation. These two key aspects in “Ghetto Falsetto” are based on a revision of classical elements about a genre still coded, like disco music, with the intention to give new life to new wonderful clichés. The result is a sound that reminds of that old-school disco vibe, the one that made us dance back in the day while adding a modern polish and groove, tailored for the modern dancefloors and crowd. Bruno Belissimo’s signature style consists of electronic beats and groovy basslines, refined with organic elements such as funk guitars and analog synth, which create a unique atmosphere full of catchy riffs.

It’s crazy to think that the album was written in such short amount of time. Here’s what the artist had to share about the project:

“This album, like the previous, has been written right away. In January 2017 I have suffered the theft of my computer, which contained some demos I’ve been working on. I’ve lost everything, but when I finally made it back to the studio with a new laptop, in less than one month I had already written ten tracks, the same ten tracks that now are composing the album!”

You can check out the full album on Spotify and have some time with the music video for the funky single “Tempi Moderni”.