Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit reveal music video for ‘Solo’ ft. Demi Lovato

The fresh sound of British trio Clean Bandit keeps conquering the world, ever since the band’s big breakthrough with their 11 million-selling single Rather Be’, back in 2014. Their latest smash hit ‘Solo’ featuring American singer Demi Lovato is no exception to the trio’s success, accumulating over 20 million streams during its first week already. ‘Solo’, the follow-up to their platinum-certified 2017 hit I Miss You’was released on May 18 and tells the story of people dealing with heartbreak after a break-up, trying to find themselves again. Clean Bandit self-directed its superb official music video, which has been released just a couple of days ago.

Grace Chatto of Clean Bandit explains how the music video, in which both the band and the track’s vocalist Demi Lovato star, came about:

“Making little films is our passion, just as important to us as music (or more!). We made this one in LA, which was super cool! It was the first time we met Demi Lovato properly since we recorded the song, and filming her was really special. Can’t wait for you to see it!”

The video initially shows a couple fighting, with the man behaving violently towards his girlfriend. In order to seek revenge, the girl and some other women consult a couple of scientists, who help them to craft a pill for the perfect revenge. After getting the pill, the taunted woman mixes the crumbled pill into her boyfriend’s food, and as a result he turns into a rainbow-tinged dog. Though the video begins in a serious manner, it continues to become quite comedic with the boyfriend’s transformation, and contains some pretty great visual effects towards the end. Amongst the video, both Clean Bandit and Demi make numerous appearances.

Check out the music video of Clean Bandit’s ‘Solo’ ft. Demi Lovato down below.