Colony – Thunderbird

In times where established DJs dominate the mainstages of festivals and clubs around the world, it is always refreshing to see a rising talent making some waves. If you think about origins of DJs and producers, there are most certainly countries such as Holland, Sweden, Belgium and the United States on that list. However, it is time to shake things up and introduce you to a very talented producer from Trinidad and Tobago: Colony.

He learned how to produce electronic music in 2011, before that he was a vocalist in a couple of bands. As if this vita isn’t impressive enough already, his impressive releases are unlike anything else you heard before. Colony combines ingredients from future bass, dubstep, future dancehall and even Caribbean dance music. His newest release goes by the name ‘Thunderbird’ and is a perfect example of Colony’s unique style. The song comes with the perfect amount of bass and with an unconventional drop.  You can definitely here Colony’s Caribbean roots in that one, with the usage of Caribbean drums. ‘Thunderbird’ also contains of 2 different drops, which is a rare sight nowadays.

If if the career of Colony is still a young one, the Trinidadian producer has already played along big names of the industry. Major LazerSolanoBad Royale and Kryoman, just to name a few. Also, he even had the honor of sharing the stage with the current Number 1 DJ in the world, Martin Garrix. While the Trinidadian producer had some labels behind his releases from time to time, he prefers to release his amazing songs on his own, via his Soundcloud account. Make sure to have Colony’s amazing tune ‘Thunderbird’ ready on the go, by downloading it now! Also, check out the unique style of this track below and prepare yourself for a hot summer by dancing your feet off!