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deadmau5 announces upcoming movie score

Fans around the globe have come to know deadmau5 as a producer who drops new music at a dazzling rate of output, sometimes even releasing several albums in a year. Yet, fans haven’t seen or heard any new music from the Canadian producer for the entirety of 2018, besides his amazing ‘where’s the drop?’ LP, which actually contained classically reworked versions of deadmau5’s previous music. Yesterday he took to Twitter to explain why he hasn’t put out any new work lately.

As it turns out, deadmau5 a.k.a Joel Zimmerman has been working hard to score an upcoming movie. Since the release of ‘where’s the drop?’ the Canadian spoke several times about wanting to score a film, and how he hoped that his orchestral album would put him on the radar and gain the attention the right professionals. Now, the dream is set to become a reality for deadmau5, even though it’s not yet known which film he will be providing the score for.

Redditors picked up the tweet and started to discuss the possibilities, claiming the upcoming remake of American sci-fi film ‘Dune’ would be the perfect fit with Zimmerman’s music. Whether that turns out to be true still remains to be seen. Hopefully he’ll find time to produce new music alsongside the movie score as fans are eagerly awaiting some new high-class material.

Check out the tweet below.