Denise Lopez

Denise Lopez ft MC Lyte – Dare To Change The World (Dj ScreamShot Remix)

Two powerful women united in their commitment to change the world have decided to take things to the next level. Their new single “Dare to change the world” was born with the concrete ambition to make the world a better place.  MC Lyte, founder of the philanthropic network Hip Hop Sisters Network, has been actively making notable impactful contributions, especially empowering women. Across the Atlantic. Denise Lopez, CER at AIAR, has been on the journey to build a digital ecosystem for learning that will democratize education and thus enable those without it.

Talking about the release, MC Lyte says:

“I believe music has the capability to heal and motivate society. This song aims to show a brighter way to a brighter day. Changing the world isn’t easy but if we all do our part it can be done. I’m excited to join Denise to express how changing the world, as we see it, is vital,”

The Dj ScreamShot remix is build around the wonderful and catchy vocal performance whilst introducing fresh summer sounds. Making this the perfect track to play to create that magical summer vibe.

The video was shot in Stockholm and LA thus enabling both the artists performances. For Denise Lopez it was important to use authentic actors and special care was taken in choosing the children in the video. In the video Denise plays the part of AI, Artificial Intelligence, coming to earth and with her AIAR application she provides the key to liberty. Denise lost her younger brother due to tragic circumstances November 2016 making her question her life situation as she searched for a higher meaning. She found it in AIAR, the revolutionizing global ecosystem of education, and together with MC Lyte, she is determined to change the world.

You can stream and watch the official video for ‘Dare To Change The World (Dj ScreamShot Remix)’ on Youtube through the link below.



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