Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike feat. Wiz Khalifa – When I Grow Up

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are back following up their previous early May release, ‘All I Need‘, with another new commercial hip-hop tune this time featuring Wiz Khalifa, entitled ‘When I Grow Up‘. The dance music stars have drastically changed their focus over the past few months, switching up their previous m.o. of producing global dance anthems to producing more commercialized tracks.

The evidence is in their recent catalog, with releases such as ‘Complicated‘, ‘Slow Down‘ and the aforementioned ‘All I Need‘, the two have seemingly completely embraced the larger assimilation of pop into the dance music scene. To further the point of their stylistic changes, the duo have only put out two fully electronic releases this year in ‘The House of House‘ and ‘Patser Bounce‘, both of which also came in the earlier half of the year.

Regardless, it should be no surprise the feel good ambiance Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are able to create even in a stylistic change are second to none. ‘When I Grow Up‘ features a youthful innocent top-line intro which opens into a beautiful raw piano chord progression. The tune gives off an odd ode to Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth’s international smash hit ‘See You Again‘. If the tune turns out anywhere as successful, the duo would certainly have reason to say they made one of the worlds top hits – as ‘See You Again‘ has racked up 3.6 billion views across YouTube. To those that don’t like math, that is almost half the globes population, which currently stands at 7.5 billion. That’s more listeners than most of us can comprehend.

While it’s still just a hope, the tune certainly possess all the qualities of a massive hit giving off plenty of reminiscing and intimate vibes. With that being said, take a listen to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s ‘When I Grow Up‘ featuring Wiz Khalifa below: