Dr. Shiver and David Allen open up about their latest track titled ‘Chemistry’

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Always trusted to deliver a top notch summer tune around this time of the year, Art&Music Recording label head-honcho Dr. Shiver is back on track with yet another potential hit titled ‘Chemistry’. For this one, the production virtuoso has joined forces with fellow label artist David Allen. The two producers have shown great affinity to combine forces and deliver a thumping track, with their last collaboration ‘Wusu‘ standing as a tall testament to that. And with the release of ‘Chemistry’ on independent Dutch label TurnitUp Muzik, Dr. Shiver and David Allen are looking to reaffirm that notion.

Reviewed to be an upbeat and punch-filled release like most of Dr. Shiver’s latest releases, ‘Chemistry’ sees the two producers bring out the best in each others style of production. While the track does its own talking, we’ve chalked out an interview with the two of Art&Music Recording’s most recognizable personalities. The interview sees Dr. Shiver and David Allen talk about the collaboration, the shift in their sound, previous releases and what the future holds in terms of new music.

Your collaboration ‘Chemistry’ is nothing short of a summer groove anthem. Could you tell us how the collaboration came to life? What was the inspiration behind this record?

Dr. Shiver:  David got the idea to do a track with a trumpet… I thought the idea was great so we actually started everything from scratch. The funny thing is that initially the track was totally different. The breakdown, the drop, the sound design. We were really not pleased by anything. The only thing we loved was the trumpet solo and riff. So we erased everything and did it again. The first version we didn’t like took about 2 weeks. The new one just 2 days!

David Allen: This track was done actually 2 years ago, but it got finalized just a few months ago, it started with a very different version… the magic in the break started from the beginning, Bruno called a Trumpet player to record some lines but then he came up with this melody and told the trumpet player to play it… goosebumps..

Topping the last question – your previous collaboration ‘Wusu’ had a completely different vibe. How did you decide on the direction of the track? Also, how did you decide to sign it outside Art&Music Recording?

Dr. Shiver: There are simply no rules! We are doing music, which is one of the highest forms or art. You can’t do art out on command. You must always feel what you do. You must always have fun while doing it. It is not like working in a factory where you have to assembly the same piece everyday of your life. So, I am actually not a believer of this very strong and closed concept of “sound identity”. I agree that there must be some elements that are connecting all the productions but you can’t have a “copy-paste” tracks. In my case I always use the same effects as well as I always use the same sub bass sound or I process the mix and the master in a way that all the tracks sound at the same level. But these are smaller details… the rest has to stay free. So when David got the idea to do a track with a trumpet, my jazz origins got awaken and I thought “damn it let’s fucking do it”.

David Allen: We both like to produce every kind of music, we don’t care about the genres, if we feel it we make it. I think today it is very important to release on different labels instead of keep on releasing on the same one… this may make sense if you have an established name but if you are trying to develop your sound and especially your name, you have to definitely reach more audiences and attract new fans which are following those labels. I think it’s also important to build some new relationships with other artists and this is definitely a way to do it.

You’ve been producing such a wide variety of music, composing different types of genres. As an ambitious and talented producer of your caliber, who would you like to work with on one of your albums? What’s your ‘dream’ vision for a collaboration?

Dr. Shiver: Wow, hard question I will say. Hard because I really love a lot of artists. I would say that working with Alicia Keys would be great. At the same time if I had to choose a dope songwriter I’d go with Matthew Koma. As a singer I really love Jess Glynne, Stevie Wonder. As a DJ producer there are no doubts: Axwell but as a producer only, I love Quincy Jones. Really, there is a huge variety of artists that I would love to work with sooner or later.

Coming off a highly successful remix competition previously for ‘Brave Love’, are there any interesting content and competitions coming up on Art&Music Recording for Summer 2018?

Dr. Shiver: We actually have a few great competitions ready to go but they are all set from September onward. In between there will be another remix competition and something definitely new where the winner will have one free day here at the studio with me. For this, it is better if you keep an eye on our socials. We are also lunching our Art&Music Night live events. Check on Youtube “Dr. Shiver Presents: Art&Music Recording 2018 Miami Compilation LIVE DJ set” and you’ll immediately get what I am talking about. Next guests will be David Allen, Maximals from Protocol, Micheal Feiner from Axtone.

In your previous interview with us, you mentioned you have an upcoming collaboration with John Christian. How is it coming along? Could you tell us a bit more about some of your upcoming tracks?

Dr. Shiver: When you work with John, everything is simply extreme. He is probably the best and more skilled producer I ever got the honor to work with. I have known him for a very long time and, more than just colleague and friends, we became “family”. I really consider him not just as one of my mentors but also as my bigger brother. A few months ago I played him a vocal. He immediately loved it and so we decided to work on it together. The track is coming out great but you know, I live in Italy while John is based in the Netherlands and both our agendas are simply impossible. Yesterday I was talking to John and we realized together that he hasn’t had a holiday for almost 2 years. So, we both have no rush but the track will be ready soon.

From my side I have something like 6 new tracks ready to be released. Next one will be a collaboration with Jegers, titled Rescue Me.

Last May you released the massive track, ‘Kubera’ which was later featured on the Tomorrowland 2017 aftermovie. Do you have any more interesting festival-ready anthems in the pipeline?

David Allen: A few days ago it was actually its first birthday, I’m still so proud of this track and what it achieved. There is another track of mine already out there featured for the first time in a Tomorrowland  dedicated after-movie which is gonna be out very soon. Now that you know it’s already out there, you can guess which one it is.

Now that we have ‘Chemistry’ as well and it’s already shaping up to be a promising release, can we expect another collaboration from you two in the near future?

Dr. Shiver: No doubts. We will soon do something new together…Hey, wait a minute… We have another one ready to go. So you will hear it soon! Of course!

David Allen: Art&Music Studios is our home and we have definitely built up our family which is growing day by day. I’m so proud of this achievement and I’m looking forward to show you what’s next.

Dr. Shiver and David Allen’s latest track ‘Chemistry’ is out on TurnItUp Muzik now.

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