Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz stuns Glasgow crowd with his incredible HOLO debut

Eric Prydz just like Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5, is yet another innovative and creative mind when it comes to throwing all his effort into producing an engaging and visually stunning performance for his audience. After spending an impressive amount of hours behind the scenes to continually test and work out the kinks before his upcoming shows, the announcement that Prydz was shrinking his EPIC show to move forward with his HOLO dates assured his fan base they had something to look forward to, and boy were they right. Following the stunning Glasgow debut date for the initial HOLO show, the atmosphere of the show has become much more intimate following his EPIC 5.0 dates, allowing for Prydz to really fully explore his catalogue.

Behind the complexities of the technology, Prydz has been working within his experimentation with HOLO. The intimacy noted is mainly due in part to the incredibly lifelike and dynamic three-dimensional space Prydz is able to create in his HOLO shows. Using two screens – one behind and one in front of him – all of the holograms and visuals remain above Eric keeping the set up more similar in style to EPIC 4.0 than EPIC 5.0. In the end, Prydz comes out with a result quite reminiscent of his b2b set at Ultra Miami with Adam Beyer, a dazzling magician-like production that leaves those present questioning if what they just saw was real. The return of Eric Prydz to Hï Ibiza means that the impeccable production behind his shows will return to the isle, plus more HOLO dates set to follow throughout the year.

There’s plenty of fan-filmed clips from the Glasgow show floating around YouTube, so here’s one of the best for you to take a look below, showcasing some of Prydz’ mind-blowing work in HOLO’s smash debut!