Ethan Marx

Ethan Marx – Home

Tastemaker Ethan Marx has been making a name for himself as a music producer consistent on delivering high quality and detail-attentive tracks. Only at the end of last year did Ethan release his mind-blowing majestic music piece titled ‘Dusk’s Curse‘ showcasing a combination of melodies, atmospheric breaks, and revitalising synths. There is no doubt the LA-based artist was destined to thrive in the music industry on the electronic dance scene. Undeniably packing a whole host of talent, the upcoming prodigy is back and spreading his sound with the world in his latest release titled ‘Home‘ and it is available for a free download.

Ethan Marx calls this production a track that has taken him the longest to produce and get out, and it is easy to see why. A unique and blissful sound that has all the elements to cleanse and calm the listener. ‘Home‘ opens with a soothing atmospheric tone and soft piano chords. Delicate on the ears, the track is a delightful masterpiece to listen to as its calm nature and velvety percussion slow down time and leave you feeling adrift in the realm of music itself.

It is just the beginning for Ethan Marx and we can expect the best is yet to come from this music producer. What can be certain is Ethan will continue to deliver the very best music productions and earn himself a position among the ranks of the best names out there. Get lost in the brilliant ‘Home‘ below.