Exclusive Interview: Meet the guys behind Future House Music

A global stronghold and leading YouTube channel of electronic music, a few brands come close to the influence Future House Music has nowadays. The Netherlands based giant has been operating as the crème de la crème of the future house genre for more than four years now, with a record label and event branch all part of the company’s ever-expanding sub-family.

Over the past few years, YouTube has hosted a thriving music scene, especially for dance music: a number of channels have grown rapidly by selecting and putting together the best music they could find, so listeners could have it all in one place. The channels usually revolve around a genre and bring you both the popular tunes you might hear on the radio or as the latest tunes from unknown and unsigned artists. It is also a great way to browse artists and find music that you didn’t know even existed.

Future House Music is at the forefront of these ever-growing YouTube channels and currently amasses over 800’000 subscribers. What makes Future House Music stand out, however, is its dedication and innovation in event hosting. With Future House Music on Tour, the brand has hosted an array of club and festival shows across Europe, offering artists like Tchami, Don Diablo, Chocolate Puma and many more future house ambassadors.

After successfully hosting their very own Future House Music stage during the 2017 edition of We Are Electric festival already, the power label announced its return earlier this year. We Rave You teamed up with Future House Music to offer you a chance of 2 all-inclusive tickets and is happy to finally reveal the winners. But before we get to that, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to sit down with the creators behind Future House Music, Aart van den Dool, Bart van der Plas and Gino van Eijk, and offer you an insight into their vision, history and future plans of the brand.

Check out their inspirational story and find out if you are one of the lucky winners of the contest.

Leading as one of the largest YouTube channels for electronic music today, what was the inspiration behind the Future House Music project and how did it start?

Aart: The idea of starting FHM was to create an online platform for Future House, which was still a niche market back in 2014 with just a handful of tracks out there. Aritsts like Tchami & Oliver Heldens are the main reason why FHM started. Right from the start we noticed a demand for this niche music, as our numbers steadily started to grow, without even uploading our own content. After this initial success, we soon after got the idea to built the platform into a record label and start releasing and uploading our own content.  We started our YouTube and Soundcloud channels, and before we knew it grew into a full 360 music company, and that is still the case 4 years later. Next to uploading and releasing music on FHM we are also hosting events, organizing showcases around the world and collaborating with festivals like WeAreElectric. It’s incredible to read the online comments, communicate with our fans and be connected to so many talented artists today, something that all started with an online platform.

What are some of the memorable milestones that for you have a special meaning?

We’ve got a lot of precious and memorable milestones that we’ve achieved. Within our first year we reached 100k YouTube subscribers. Saying that today, it feels like a long time ago,  as we’re looking forward to hitting 1 million subscribers later this year! Definitely a big highlight there! Secondly, when FHM started to take off, Spotify became a more important streaming platform within the music industry. Therefore we decided early on to focus on curating our own playlists what ultimately led to FHM  entering the TOP 50 independent curators worldwide. Another highlight was definitely doing our first shows with Tchami in the UK and with Don Diablo in Switzerland. Then of course also hosting our own festival stage at We Are Electric last year was a great highlight. ( Video footage: https://youtu.be/acLZoEW8LDE )  Finally, we’d say launching our first merchandise web shop and spotting FHM merch all around the globe definitely fills us with pride. Looking back at all these, we’ve come a long way!

Future House Music is also responsible for a wide array of events across Europe? What’s the vision behind Future House Music on Tour?

Bart: Ever since our online community & record label started to grow the requests were pouring in to do live shows. We really wanted to cater to the demands of our followers and provide them with a FHM experience on a new & physical level. And it was of course also a great way for us to connect more with our fans, and have live interaction. What we strive for is to present the music we believe in to the biggest audience possible. So far, we have hosted events in various European countries and we’re currently trying to expand to North-and Central America and Asia as well. We’re always on the look-out for great collaborative opportunities with clubs and festivals!

With an ever-expanding and highly competitive YouTube environment for music channels, where do you see is Future House Music heading in the future?

Gino: Future House is an ever evolving genre, if not the most innovative house genre out there according to us. In the future we would like to keep growing as a hub in the music industry where new & upcoming talents are discovered and nurtured. Offering a 360 environment for musical talents to grow, and for fans to discover and experience music, is what makes FHM what it is today.

Aart: FHM started with the focus on a distinguished house sound. We noticed that the birth of new sub-genres is a continuous process. We’re looking forward to what the future might hold for new house music trends.

In general, having such an influence on the various music promotion platforms nowadays, where do you see the electronic music business heading?

Gino: What we see happening is that new YouTube channels/labels are getting a more and more dominant position in the music industry compared to traditional or major labels. Whereas traditional labels would have all the contacts with e.g. radio stations, to provide a track with a big push, the new YouTube labels actually build their own platform and relationships and are therefore less depending on third parties. Together with more flexibility in non-exclusive agreements, the new YouTube labels and other smaller independent labels are very appealing to artists that have been around for a while and had their fair share of long-term exclusive agreements. They do want to enjoy a big push, but they’re more or less tired of having to tie themselves down for extensive periods. Therefore, we don’t see this trend stopping anytime soon.

Anything else you would like to add?

Bart: We’re one week away from We Are Electric Festival and we couldn’t be more excited to host our own stage for the second year in a row! Happy to announce the special winners to our contest are:

Main prize winners: Michał Barszczewski

Saturday tickets winners: Lane Kalbhen, Miranda Shepers, Nick Bacher, Marc Feldmann, Merel Riechelman, Arno Goedefroo

Merch winners: Daniel Tammaro, Giuseppe Paesano, Jonas Spaller, Joaquim Jacquemyn, Ben-Alex Danser

Gino: Together with our stage we’re also celebrating the release of a long-awaited track by Dave Winnel & DLMT called “Always Feels Like”. In other words: we can’t wait for this weekend to begin! We would also like to thank We Rave You for this interview!

Congratulations to the winners!

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