Gorillaz release two new singles and accompanying music video

Feel Good Inc.‘ masterminds and British virtual band Gorillaz are back after a long hiatus following the group’s 2017, 26 track album entitled ‘Humanz‘. Since their return, the band has released two new singles, one titled ‘Humility‘ with an accompanying music video, and another ‘Lake Zurich‘, both debuting on May 31st 2018. The first track ‘Humility‘, seems like a blissfully carefree ode to summer, featuring relaxing guitar rifts, airy synth lines and a groovy bass. The track features guitarist and vocalist George Benson who certainly makes a larger impact on the ambiance of the tune. ‘Humility‘ also was accompanied with the release of a seemingly SoCal Venice Beach filmed video featuring actor and musician Jack Black.

Their second track entitled ‘Lake Zurich‘, which is almost purely instrumental minus Damon Albarn’s distorted and spacious vocals, has a primary hold on the tracks usage of hip, infectious synth lines. The track also exudes a more carefree upbeat dance floor feel. On top of these new singles, news surrounding Gorillaz newest album has surfaced and following the exposure of the album title, ‘The Now Now‘, the group has also come out by sharing the album’s track-list featuring artists such as Snoop Dog and Jamie Principle.

Listen to ‘Humility‘ and ‘Lake Zurich‘ by clicking the song titles, and also view Gorillaz newly released track-list for their forthcoming album ‘The Now Now‘ below:

1. “Humility” (Feat. George Benson)
2. “Tranz”
3. “Hollywood” (Feat. Snoop Dogg, Jamie Principle)
4. “Kansas”
5. “Sorcererz”
6. “Idaho”
7. “Lake Zurich”
8. “Magic City”
9. “Fire Flies”
10. “One Percent”
11. “Souk Eye”