GRAVEDGR – Rampage

Dropping a bomb for his debut track and packing all the attitude, GRAVEDGR unleashes a monster production on Carnage‘s imprint Heavyweight Records and its ready to cause a storm. The new edition from the producer has already garnered a lot of attention thus far through festival season and rightly so. GRAVEDGR has conjured up a sinister track to match the familiar sounds known by diehard bassheads across the globe and it is ready to send you into a rage, ‘Rampage’ is here.

Already possessing an infamous vocal hook, “bitch I’m on a rampage, mask on my damn face” perfectly portrays ‘Rampage’s‘ character as the ravaging beats eat through your eardrums. Felt as though this track has been forged in the dark depths of a fiery furnace, GRAVEDGR gets the blood pumping with serrating synths and a ravenous bassline. Distorted and stabbing percussions pierce through and dominate the tracks personality turning this production track into a certified and ferocious banger. Get ready to feel the powerful bass and refrain from turning up the volume as  ‘Rampage‘ will do that for you.

GRAVEDGR means business and ‘Rampage‘ is certainly out to deliver the goods for the music producers debut track. Known for donning his black attire and signature facemask, it is no surprise that his 9-5 day job is actually a gravedigger. Spending all that time around graves seems to have certainly influenced the dark and scary melodic beats fused in ‘Rampage‘. Fittingly its music video is just as dark as the track itself. Get ready to feel its velocity and listen to the ‘Rampage‘ below.