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Hot Since 82 releases ‘Even Deeper Japan’ documentary short

Last year, Hot Since 82 introduced his ‘Even Deeper’ concept and explored Mexico during a troubled period in the country’s history. This year, his next ‘Even Deeper’ trip saw him travel around Japan, performing six shows in five cities during a short two-week tour. Documenting his time in Japan, the British artist has now released footage of the trip, giving fans an insight into his experiences.

The video provides a great deal of insight into Japanese culture and sees Hot Since 82 experiencing the local cuisine, architecture, and landscape at each individual location. He describes his love for the positivity radiated by the locals, and the differences he experienced between the crowds in Japan compared with elsewhere in the world. Speaking about his experience, Hot Since 82 revealed the motivation behind the creation of the ‘Even Deeper’ concept:

“Even Deeper is a concept very close to my heart, it allows me to spend more time in a country and to really immerse myself in its culture and history. Playing more intimate shows, meeting people and really understanding their way of life, something that can very easily pass you by when the DJ life is usually airport > hotel > club > airport…”

Check out the full documentary short below.

Hot Since 82 – Even Deeper Japan (Episode 1)

My recent adventures going Even Deeper in Japan… Here's Episode 1. Watch the full documentary short on Youtube.Powered by Burn Energy Drink.Watch Episode 2 here:

Posted by Hot Since 82 on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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