jackie faraoui

Jackie Faraoui – Single Girls

Representing the ever-growing number of female producers in the music industry with pride, Ukranian singer/songwriter/producer Jackie Faraoui‘s recent release ‘Single Girls’ is one of the stand out tracks from her latest EP. Having begun her career with her debut single ‘Peace & Lovin’ back in 2016, the success of this song saw it aired across various radio stations in France, Greece, UK and Belgium. She then carried on this positive momentum by releasing singles such as ‘We Found Each Other’, ‘Divinity’ and ‘Calling My Name’. After graduating with an Audio Engineering degree, Jackie is now back with new music, and releases ‘Single Girls’ as part of the 5 track EP ‘Sweet Dreams Beautiful’.

A creative fusion between electro and pop, Jackie Faraoui creates an old-school vibe throughout ‘Single Girls’ driven by the warm, pumping bassline. Throughout the track, Faraoui blends some of the best components of commercially appealing dance music, typified by lush chords, soothing vocals and a vibrant rhythm, to create a track that is assured to be appealing to a broad and diverse array of listeners. The stuttering bass provides a distinctive groove throughout, with Faraoui’s infectious vocals at the heart of the track and maintaining the feel-good atmosphere.

Be sure to add ‘Single Girls’ to your summer playlists below. You can visit her website for more info here.