Kryder and Steve Angello announce release date for ‘Romani’

A track that has been months in the making, a release date has finally been set for ‘Romani‘. Groove king Kryder is finally linking up with dance icon Steve Angello to deliver a track of epic proportions. The release date for the gypsy house stunner will be out July 20th on the brand new Kryteria Records. Back in January, the collaboration started to get red hot coverage as it received prominent support from fans as well as plenty of respect. This collaboration features a strain of house we haven’t seen many times before.

Kryteria Records have been receiving lots of information lately. Since the end of Sosumi, fans have patiently awaited what is in store for the groove house star. In January, Kryder mentioned how it needs more time to be released. Now here we are, 3 months later with a deadly track just sitting on our doorstep. Romani is certainly an interesting one, featuring nifty vocal work and instrumentations that have ethnic influences from all around. With Steve coming from the progressive end of the spectrum and Kryder from the groove, the final culmination of this track is unequivocally lethal.

In an interview with Wololo Sound, Kryder noted: “I made a record with him (Steve) already, in the summer”. He then states how both artists were so busy during the summer that they couldn’t get around to releasing it. Kryder expresses his fondness for what is in store, he mentions how it is a gypsy house/soul record that he is quite happy with.

Save the date, July 20th!

Kryder & Steve Angello - Romani