KSHMR’s iconic hit ‘Jammu’ turns 3 years old

3 years and millions of plays later, ‘Jammu‘ is still one of KSHMR‘s most iconic tunes. At that time, he was better-known as the mastermind behind indie-pop’s The Cataracs, before fully switching to his new big-room/progressive style. Released on Spinnin’ Records, this record officially put Niles Hollowell-Dhar in the spotlight of the international dance music scene, with a sound that was both fresh and innovative.

With a sound heavily influenced by the Indian culture, as his father emigrated from India, he was inspired by the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, from which he derived his stage name KSHMR, and also the name of his two singles ‘Jammu’ and ‘Kashmir‘. Following the success of the early releases, he entered the DJ magazine’s Top 100 DJ’s of the year chart at number 23 in 2015, earning him the award for highest new entry of the year. Since then he hasn’t looked back, headlining some of the biggest festivals all over the world while winning the hearts of millions of fans.

So far this year he has already released a lot of new music, including his latest and much-anticipated track ‘Carry Me Home‘ and seems to still have a lot of gems in the bag, as he debuted 5 IDs during his EDC Las Vegas set. While we eagerly wait for all this new music, you can sit back and enjoy the official music video of ‘Jammu’, which still stands strong as one of our favourite tracks from KSHMR!