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Up and coming labels supported on Beatport via new Hype Charts

Just like connoisseurs, DJs have their own market. The single biggest place where DJs and artists head to check out new music, buy records to add their collections and support their colleagues is none other then the mammoth marketplace known as Beatport. It’s been the largest market source for new music for the past several years, hosting several exclusive releases and extended mixes of songs from certain artists. Home to any genre one can think of, from trap to deep house, dubstep to trance, if you can think of a certain song or a genre, then Beatport most likely has what you are looking for, including some new genres you might not have known existed.

Taking it one step further, Beatport has just announced the launch of something new titled ‘Hype Charts’, aimed to launch in the early days of June. This move is aimed at supporting young up and coming artists and labels that are usually overshadowed by the presence of more established and commercial artists. Beatport has acknowledged the presence of high quality and unique music which was the reason behind this initiative. Also announced at IMS Ibiza, Beatport has revealed that their full catalogue of releases and records will be available to stream via DJ software, following their acquisition of Pulselocker earlier this year. With so many new initiatives set to be released, 2018 is looking set to be Beatport’s biggest year yet.