Lane 8

Lane 8 stuns with 5 hour Summer 2018 Mixtape

There are few artists like American DJ/Producer Lane 8 (Daniel Goldstein). He commands a spiritual stage presence live and is responsible for manifesting many of the most peaceful and serene dance music tracks alive today. His summer 2018 mixtape is one of the most extensive chapters in his mixtape series yet. A true musical journey, Lane 8 takes us down the worm hole as we cruise with some of the hottest trance, techno, and tech records out there. Full of music from the likes of Paul Kalkbrenner, Jerro, RÜFÜS, and Felicity, you know you’re in good hands.

Taking up the better chunk of a standard workday, Lane 8 leaves nothing behind with this epic, 5-hour accolade. As 1001tracklists have wonderfully pointed out, his mix is loaded with lots of ID’s as well. There are roughly 77 tracks played throughout the entire mix, spanning from atmospheric, trance-like vibes, to lush indie dance grooves. Even Pryda makes an appearance with his track ‘The Hoax’. Rather than go track for track down the whole mix, you can check out the full tracklist here. It was only a few months ago that Lane 8 was given the green light to make his BBC Radio One essential mix – that would become a major milestone in his career. Currently, the American DJ is killing it as he commands his This Never Happened label as well as the highly awaited Root to Branch Vol.2 Compilation.

Lane 8 is no stranger to producing divine mixes. Every year, thousands of fans eagerly await his perennial mixtapes that feature many unreleased projects as well as prime time tracks. This summer, Daniel points towards sunny days and emotional ballads that place listeners in a profound state of sonder. There are many tracks that cut to the core of listeners such as Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor’s ‘TimeLapse’ that features Hans Zimmer like chords and dreamy plucks. Lane 8 is a master of emotion as he peruses through records all the while blending each track as seamlessly as can be, never noticing a transition.

Get lost in the magic below,