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Marshmello – Joytime II

Marshmello’s tweet this morning spoke volumes about how the masked DJ’s popularity has astronomically risen, yet also plummeted in some sectors, in recent years. Taking his career to a wholly commercial level, the U.S producer has amassed millions of streams on collaborations with the likes of Anne-Marie, Khalid, and James Arthur; a far cry from the bass heavy sounds his “Mellogang” faithful came to love during his 2015 Jack Ü remix.

Joytime II channels Mello’s inner trap-soul once more, with opener ‘Stars’ reminding fans of the artist they once fell in love with. Echoing tones of Joytime’s ‘Summer’, the production is joined by the bass heavy twists of ‘Flashbacks’ and zippy synths of ‘Together.’

Marshmello’s fixation with 90’s sounding Sum 41-style vocals shines through again on ‘Rooftops’; though in all honesty, the indie-dance cocktail is not one which entirely works. Despite this, the track contains the best melody on an album which is a welcome return to his roots, and though Joytime II is devoid of any ‘Alone’-esque primetime bangers, each record wouldn’t look out of place when mixed into his upcoming live sets this summer.

An artist capable of splitting himself into two; his radio-friendly commercial alter-ego, and the trap-twisting dance DJ that his fanbase still hold a fond spot for in their hearts – Marshmello’s Mellogang members will be pleased to hear that this album, appeases the latter.

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