Khalid & Martin Garrix Oceans

Martin Garrix feat. Khalid – Ocean

Smooth and sweet, there is something truly unique about Martin Garrix’s new collaboration with Khalid. The Dutch DJ & producer has been making rounds among some of pop music’s greatest stars and has made some top notch collaborations. This latest collaboration with Khalid titled “Ocean” is a true testament to the producer’s versatility and compatibility with other artists in the studio. “Ocean” is a heartfelt ballad that contains bright and lush strings matched with Khalid’s soothing voice. It is out now in Garrix’s label STMPD RCRDS.

Khalid is a 5 time Grammy nominated vocalist whom Garrix is keenly fond of. He has gone on record to say that “Khalid is a great singer and I’m super excited about this collaboration.” The rumours of the collaboration started as far back as October 2017 in which the two artists where conversing about the collaboration on Twitter. Khalid has sort of become a nonchalant master of dance music team-ups. He worked on “Silence” with Marshmello which found its way into the Top 5 according to MTV. Garrix really has had quite the prolific last few months with tracks such as “Game Over” and “Like I Do“.

You can hear a significant amount of raw emotion coming alive in “Ocean”. Khalid has a penchant for making tracks with incredibly heartfelt vocals. Garrix infused “Ocean” with lots of dance-worthy elements including sexy guitar licks and ‘that’ signature Garrix magic. One could say the record was made for a radio audience rather than the main stage or club as the tempo is quite slower than what we usually hear from Garrix, however the vibe is still sublime.

Check out “Ocean” below.