BREAKING: Nicky Romero reveals future for unreleased Avicii collaborations

Just two months on from the death of electronic music superstar Avicii, questions have been asked about the future of his unfinished tracks. It was widely known that Tim Bergling had a high amount of unfinished and unreleased music, some of which was set to be released in the future before the tragic news hit. In a recent interview at Ultra Singapore, Nicky Romero was subject to questioning about his unfinished collaborations with his late friend. The pair worked together successfully on tracks in the past and Romero was asked, about other unfinished music:

…are you gonna complete those tracks? Are you gonna leave it as it is?

This is something that has left fans wondering for a while, particularly since Nicky played Avicii’s track with Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin titled ‘Heaven‘ during his set at Kingsland in Holland, and again at Ultra Singapore. Unsurprisingly, this raises suspicions as to the purpose of Nicky playing the track. The obvious main reason is to pay respect to his dear friend. The two valued each other highly and are known to have been good friends. However, could the track being played hint at a future release of an unfinished collaboration? Nicky tried to clear things up in the interview, saying:

I do have two folders full of, like, Avicii songs that I’m supposed to work on. There is people that approach me if I want to work on those songs, and if I want, maybe, to put them out with them. I don’t know if it morally feels right to me to work on songs that the original composer have not approved. I know that Avicii was really a perfectionist, and I kind of feel bad if I put something out not knowing if he wants to put it out. So thats kind of what holds me back out of respect for him.

You can’t discredit the incredible respect that Nicky holds for Avicii, both as a person and in music interests, as displayed through his response. Understandably the tracks may remain unreleased, and nobody can hold anything against Nicky for that. The flip side says that maybe Nicky could finish one track that Tim has put the most work into, making it the most ‘Avicii-type track’ of the lot, to give a send off track for the late Swedish producer. Either way, Nicky’s response is entirely respectful of his friend, and whatever the future of the unfinished collaborations, Romero is well within his rights to make that decision.

Check out the interview in full here:

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