Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero – Duality

Nicky Romero is back with his newest progressive hit original ‘Duality‘. The Dutch super producer recently also showed off his signature progressive house flair in his remix of Afrojack’sOne More Day‘, however, it’s his original ‘Duality‘ which really turns heads. Coming off his previous original release, ‘Where Would We Be‘ the headliner switches from his  pop-centric tune back to his progressive roots and it’s a massive change. The relaxed and laid-back guitar-clad tune provides an air of both nostalgia and a proverbial fresh breath of air into a rather suffocated genre.

The progressive house as a genre is vast, but over the years of its decay and return much of the same sound design and nuances have continued in the genres development. The same synths, snares, percussion etc… can kill a new exciting atmosphere, but flowing into the late stages of mainstream progressive house era that’s exactly what happened. Now circulating into the genres slow and steady revival, the approach on the ever present genre seems to be receiving a much needed alteration staged by the genres leaders.

Although staying true to progressive house at it’s roots, as keyed in on by the large and lofty synth lines, building euphoria, and thumping kicks, Nicky Romero gives a brand new out look on the genre with ‘Duality‘. The tenor of the tune certainly is in a class with very few – the rhythmic structure of the soft plucking guitar, on top of gorgeous piano layering, and a slowed tempo give the tune a new modern feel on the genre until the tunes familiar drop dumping us back into the euphoric, golden era styled progressive house of the past.

While the debate surrounding the genres comeback or lack thereof continues, Nicky Romero has consistently been one of the leaders of the genre who have contributed with or without its global popularity. With that said, take a listen to Nicky Romero’s ‘Duality‘ below: